Working Bug Designs is owned and operated by Lydya Castillo. Our work in the industry has wholly been focused on the medical marijuana market for the last year and a half. The services and training we provide, cater specifically to each client’s needs.


Medical Marijuana is a fast growing industry in Canada with a large amount of regulation behind it. Working Bug Designs has been working within the industry for over a year now as an integrator. We facilitate companies that are, or are attempting to become a Licensed Producer (LP) by working alongside staff every step of the way. We like to play a key role in helping you become a successful Medical Marijuana operation.


Working with your staff is a key part to your success. We do NOT come into your company and try and sell you on a service or a product. We operate with an agnostic perspective and delve in to working with your staff. Although every LP may have the same goal in mind, they operate differently. Operating within your environment as a coworker helps us ensure we get your projects over the finish line.

We have a solid network of people and vendors that we interact with in order to ensure your company gets the best in the market, specifically the Medical Marijuana market.


This section describes the various stages in a business’s inception in the Medical Marijuana market and how we’ve operated, bringing various skill sets and products to ensure success. The goal of this section is to understand how we can work together.

Typically in this stage you’re looking for investors to help facilitate your growth to becoming a licensed producer. Often times this involves meeting people publicly or within the business sector. A great way to get your company name out there to attract attention is to work within a trade show that is specific to your area of the market.

Architects and engineers are going through the flow of designing and building your facility. Often times an aspect overlooked is where things will be situated for a functioning infrastructure in a grow room. Ample Organics plays a huge role in the processing of seed to sale within an LP. We can be there to make sure your respective printers, have proper connectivity along with wireless for respective inventory guns.

Construction is finishing up or in the process of. IT is a massive undertaking that needs to be implemented right. We’ve worked with IT organizations to ensure your operation is successful. There are various regulations within the ACMPR (Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations) that need to be followed with respect to the various operations and how IT melds with it. From your video recording systems to where customer service operations needs to be situated. We’ve gone through it and can help you succeed in this not so widely known area.

Data storage is very important in this sector, moreover the security of that data. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are critical and must also be restricted to certain staff members. We can work with your teams to build measures in making sure your data is protected, yet accessible by respective parties.

Ample Organics is the backbone of keeping you grow operation within the guidelines of the ACMPR. Ample has various checkpoints within the operation of your grow operation. It is known as an ERP from the aspect of seed to sale. It fits into every segment along the way. Health Canada does have very strict guidelines in tracking plants at every stage from planting to destruction of plant material. Just about all departments in a grow operation have a requirement to use Ample Organics. We are extremely well versed in supporting and training your staff to be fully integrated with ample organics software.

Importing plants from another LP, growing from seed or cloning, cultivation, destruction, drying, packaging. We have been hands and feet working through all steps of the process. Despite the hands on approach within the operation we can help you fulfill your requirements with Health Canada to obtain a sales license with respect to Ample Organics.

Ample Organics ERP is virtually required by any LP. It tracks your entire process of your plants growth, from the time it is planted to the time its delivered to a patient. Although you might hear the catchy phrase “seed to sale” it is beyond that, it will deal with tracking to the point of delivery to the patient. Because of Amples’ broad spectrum within the lifecycle of a plant, it touches virtually all departments within an LP’s operations.